Tools for Improving Safety in Healthcare Organizations

Free Virtual APSS™ Coaching

Free resources and individualized coaching to transform patient safety within your organization

Achieving zero preventable harm is difficult to accomplish on your own – we are here to support you on your journey to ZERO through our free virtual APSS Coaching program.

At the PSMF, we want to help healthcare organizations become as safe and reliable as other high-risk industries, like nuclear power and aviation. Our free virtual Actionable Patient Safety Solutions™ (APSS) can help you in your efforts towards high reliability.

Our APSS Blueprints are evidence-based summaries of best practices as well as a guide to creating performance improvement plans for the most common patient safety issues. The APSS Educational Resource library offers helpful webinars, videos, articles, and more for free that will help reinforce these concepts throughout your organization. We also provide virtual APSS Coaching at no cost for organizations who are committed to ZERO to help implement and sustain these best practices.

APSS Coaching: The Virtual Coaching Program 

An experienced and dedicated team will coach your team through the implementation of a performance improvement project, implemented over 30 to 60 days. The goal is to teach organizational leaders the project facilitation skills needed to effectively manage improvement. 

We use interactive methods to coach teams through the entire improvement process. 

We will: 

  • Help your leaders to gather the right team
  • Assess and analyze the current state to determine gaps and identify root causes
  • Prioritize improvement work and create action plans
  • Apply implementation science principles to new process design, and
  • Evaluate outcomes and ensure sustainment

When it comes to preventing harm, every moment counts. Start your journey now – let’s discuss which option is right for your organization.

Coaching Benefits

Targeted coaching to implement improved systems and processes for a specific patient population or disease of your choice.

  • Typically 30 to 60-day timeframe
  • Train the trainer approach
  • Continued support
  • Tailored to your circumstances and existing frameworks
  • Shared insights from other organizations like yours
  • Additional Performance Improvement and Leadership Development Workshops

Completely FREE for organizations that Commit to ZERO harm. 

Our Coaching is:

✅  Rigorously engineered organizational change strategy

✅  Tailored to your individual needs

✅  Blame-free and completely confidential

✅  Long-term support

✅  Available for all healthcare organizations globally

How to get free virtual APSS Coaching?

Make a commitment to ZERO on behalf of your hospital or healthcare organization. The process is simple, click below to learn more.

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