What We Do

Commit to ZERO Program

Striving for Safe and Reliable Care, for Every Patient, Every Time

The PSMF is a global nonprofit organization, connecting and building a Movement of people who collectively believe that ZERO preventable patient harm and death is the only acceptable goal because ONE is too many. 

Through our “Commit to ZERO” program, we are building a global database of organizations and displaying an interactive map showing those that believe zero patient harm and death is the only acceptable goal in order to build momentum and encourage others to take action.


  • Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations
  • Organizations that Work to Advance Patient Safety

Why Commit?

Achieving ZERO Will Require Action from All Of Us

We want to build momentum to demonstrate that patient safety should be a priority for everyone involved in healthcare! Organizations who commit to ZERO believe in taking ACTION by publicly displaying their commitment and joining the collective action to build momentum for patient safety, together!

We also want to create public demand for safe and reliable care. We will do this by:

  • Listing every organization that believes in this vision in order to inspire action and encourage the public to seek care from those that have shown that patient safety is a priority
  • Sharing the list with policymakers so they can see which organizations are leading the pack, and
  • Encouraging healthy competition between hospitals and healthcare organizations and challenging those who have not yet made this public commitment

Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations

Individual Hospitals, Health Systems, Primary Care Offices, Urgent Cares, Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Stand Alone Birthing Centers, Rehab and Long-term Care (LTC) Facilities, SNF, Home Health, Hospice.

Organizations that Work to Advance Patient Safety

Academia, Associations, Professional Societies, Insurance Companies, Foundations, NGOs, Non-profits, Advocacy Groups, Medical Technology Companies, Laboratory Technology Companies, Data Analytics, EHR Technology, Medical Suppliers, Legal Community, Others.

Going Above and Beyond

Level up and do more to improve patient safety.

After organizations “Commit to ZERO” they have the opportunity to demonstrate their superior leadership and commitment to advancing patient safety. The Patient Safety Movement Foundation is proud to reward these organizations and provide additional opportunities for promotion within our network and beyond.